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Requirement/and members

Post by [PSV] founder on Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:17 pm

Requirement for apply:
 Always be online in game you can be inactive in game only for 5 days
Dont ever say such word in main chat
Russia language not allowed
always listen to leaders and owners
you should speak english
 always play as sovite If full, than lation
dont copy this to apply
[Image: apVufL8] [/allgn]

Leader, owner and co-owner notice leader are co-owner only raunak_singh[PSV] is owner and others who is co-owner will be in this list
raunak_singh - founder of clan

[PSV]Snipar_X - Co owner of clan

[PSV]DreamyBoromir - co owner
[PSV]Mohsin - co owner
other weapon co-owner
this rank is for other weapon player who are so much best or nice in other weapon


junior snipers:

special and impotant guest:

other weapons leader:
This rank is for other weapon leader (the professional in other weapon)

other weapon guest:
this rank is for new player( the new player to low nice in other weapon

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